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    5 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Utah Home This Winter

    The winter months are known for motivated buyers, lower interest rates, and lower home inventory (providing more opportunity for your home to be seen). In fact, we reviewed the benefits of selling your Utah home during the harsh cold months ahead in our article, “Tips to Sell Your Home in the Winter Months.” In that article, we briefly touched on a few curb appeal tips but many of you have requested more insights into what you can do to the exterior of your home to make it really pop against the colder months of January, February, and March. So, here are five ways to add curb appeal to your Utah home for sale this winter:

    1. Accessorize: A new, colored steel mailbox, a brightly colored outdoor barometer, or twinkly lights can make a home stand out against the greys and whites of winter. With just a few accessories, you can transform your home from a hum-dum exterior to a well cared for oasis in the snow.
    2. Spruce up the front door: A new coat of paint, fresh hardware, and a decorative wreath can go a long way in adding curb appeal to your home. Take it to the next level with new address numbers to help your home look fresh and new from the outside.
    3. Make it accessible and welcoming: Utah winters can lead to snow-covered walkways and slick front steps. Ensure future homeowners are able to safely view your home by keeping all walkways clear of snow and salting slick areas. Also, consider adding a few potted plants (artificial or winter climate) to add a bit of color to your front porch. The combination of these two things not only makes your home more accessible to buyers but it helps maintain a well cared for atmosphere from the outside in.
    4. Light the way: Shorter days and longer nights mean many potential buyers are viewing homes after work… in the dark. Make your home easier to see and light the way to a home purchase with bright and welcoming exterior lights. Consider the addition of new fixtures or a lantern-lit pathway to the front door.
    5. Clean the windows: A hallmark of colder weather is streaked windows and grimy ledges. To make your home look the most appealing, ensure your windows are streak-free and your window ledges are cleaned up. It is amazing how different and welcoming a home can look with clean windows. In the evening, turn on all the lights for an even more appealing and welcoming look.   

    Sell your home this winter.

    Selling your home in the winter doesn’t have to be difficult or long. Contact us to learn more about adding curb appeal to your home this winter and getting the most bang for your buck

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