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    Don’t Find Yourself in a Nightmare Selling Situation

    The housing boom in Utah over the past two years has lead to a lot of new websites and technologies popping up and touting the “easiest way to sell your home.” While many seem valid or even credible in helping Utah homeowners sell their home, the reality is these sites often leave homeowners in a lurch when the selling situation falls outside of the program’s algorithms and homeowners expertise, as most home sales often do.

    When selling your home yourself and with the “ease” of the latest technology fad, you open yourself up to losing money, wasting time, and being forced to become an expert in marketing techniques, legal paperwork, and home www. Below are a few examples of what we mean:

    Pricing your home to sell

    Even in a seller’s market, pricing your home to sell is a fine art that often requires in-depth knowledge of the market, similar house price points, neighborhood value, home appraisals, and more. List your home for too high and you will get little to no interest in your home, prolonging the selling process and leaving you frustrated. In fact, statistics have shown that pricing a home too high to start can ultimately net you less than if you priced it competitively from the get-go.  Price your home too low and you could be leaving money on the table or leaving valid homebuyers suspicious of your home’s listing.  

    Marketing your home to the right audience

    Yard signs and open houses can lead to qualified homebuyers, in fact, they are excellent tools in a real estate agent’s arsenal, but selling a home quickly for the best price requires a knowledge of specialized marketing and networking that only real estate agents have. When selling a home, you must think beyond traditional marketing and move online. Real Estate agents spend a lot of time and money to become experts in the industry and target your specific audience. They write helpful content, create social ads, list homes across a variety of online networks, and invest in networking with other agents to connect sellers and buyers. It goes beyond yard signs and open houses and the results are multiple home offers, qualified potential buyers, and more money in your pocket when you sell your home.

    Preparing your home to sell for the most money

    We all love the look of our home and the comfortable way it’s designed. But that doesn’t mean it will sell or sell well. When you sell your home yourself or use one of the “helpful” online tools, you may find that you’re required to be an expert in home staging and interior design. Properly staged homes sell faster (usually in half the time of unstaged homes) and sell for upwards of 6% more than the asking price. Homes with staged photos also tend to get more views online and generate higher open house attendance. Many real estate teams include an expert home stager or can recommend one to ensure your home sells in the shortest time and for the best price possible.

    Using an open house to leverage the best offers

    You’ve listed your home at a good price, marketed it to the right audience, and staged it to leverage multiple offers. Now what? It can be very difficult for homeowners to put on an open house without making potential homebuyers feel uncomfortable. It’s difficult to see strangers walking through your home and criticizing the details you’ve loved for years. If buyers are uncomfortable, it can also lead to fewer offers, which in turn leads to less money for your home. Using an agent to host an open house can provide a safe and unbiased space for buyers and be a resource to help you sift through offers to find the best ones for the most money.

    Understanding legal paperwork and jargon

    The legal world of selling a home is daunting, intimidating, and quite specialized. To take it on yourself can be quite an undertaking and it’s worth hiring an expert who is certified, qualified, and deals in the world of real estate paperwork day in and day out. Even more so, although automated home selling sites may tout offering legal help, they are often just that, automated. They don’t offer direct phone lines to the same representative to help you each time, nor do they provide a single point of contact to answer your questions at the times most convenient for you. The last thing you want when trying to sell your home is the stress of mountains of paperwork and the hassle of hunting down answer your legal questions.

    Dedicating a lot of time to selling

    Most folks selling their home have full-time jobs, kids, social activities and a variety of other things that take up their time. Answering phone calls about your home listing in the middle of a work meeting isn’t ideal, nor is stepping out of a date night movie to answer questions about square footage. An agent’s job is to know the details of your home, answer questions, and filter offers so you can focus on the other important elements of your life.

    Negotiating for the best deal

    Beyond knowing all the legal ramifications, investing an inordinate amount of time in marketing your home, and prepping your home to sell, you also need to know how to negotiate a successful deal that supports both your needs and your buyers. Real estate agents know how to negotiate and in fact, they do it every day, getting their clients the best amount of money for their home. Buying and selling a home can be one of the most stressful and impactful moments of your life. When you sell your home alone, you take the risks of negotiating for yourself and adding to the stress as well as leaving money on the table.

    Don’t find yourself in a nightmare selling situation

    If you don’t deal in the real estate world on a regular basis, sites like Homie and others that have cropped up are in place to take advantage of your lack of expertise. In most cases, a homeowner will engage in the “easy home selling” program thinking it will be quick, easy, and profitable. Instead, the situation becomes frustrating and time-consuming. Don’t believe us? Just read a few of the reviews on the Homie Facebook page:

    Every client we have worked with who first tried one of these sites has found themselves in a disappointing home selling situation and then come to us to turn things around. Don’t find yourself in a nightmare situation, call a qualified real estate agent and their team of expert home stagers, appraisers, contract negotiators, etc. today.

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