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    Home Features to be Grateful For

    ‘Tis the season of gratitude and we’re happy to join in. Whether you are planning on staying in your home for a while or keeping an eye out for something new, this list of 15 home features to be grateful for will help you add to your home wish list or help you appreciate the home you have. What home features are you grateful for or would you add to your home wishlist?

    • Vaulted ceilings

    Vaulted ceilings make a home appear to be more spacious and they provide the opportunity to get that huge Christmas tree you’ve always wanted.

    • Same-floor laundry rooms

    No one like lugging laundry up and down the stairs, it’s so much easier in the laundry room is on the same floor as the bedrooms, specifically the master.

    • His and her sinks

    Having your own bathroom space is a huge plus to look for when purchasing a home. It’s nice to get ready at the same time and not have to share the sink!

    • Solar panels

    There’s something gratifying about helping the environment and saving money when you are living in a home with solar power.

    • The garage

    Having to warm up your car and scrape your windows in the winter sucks. Luckily, a garage helps you avoid those hassles while also being an invaluable storage space.

    • Linen closets

    You never think about linen closets until you don’t have them. Plenty of storage space for towels, beddings, and more is an absolute must.

    • Spare bedrooms

    When the family is in town, nothing beats the spare bedroom. And the extra space when it’s not visiting season.

    • Laminate flooring

    All the look and feel of hardwood without the easy scratching.

    • Floor heater vents

    Cuddling up on the floor with a blanket over the heater vent… need we say more?

    • Walk-in closets

    The space to see all of your clothes without shifting closet doors is a small joy that we’re grateful for.

    • A fireplace

    Cozying up by the fireplace or roasting marshmallows is what a home with a fireplace means.

    • Basement playrooms

    Plenty of space for the kids to play while the weather outside may be cold and wet.

    • Open kitchen

    As the heart of the home, an open kitchen allows the cook in the family to still interact and chat with family members as they cook.

    • Home office

    Working from home is something to be grateful for in itself but having a designated space for your work is a game changer.

    • Large windows for natural light

    Nothing makes a home feel more open and spacious than large windows that let in plenty of natural light.

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