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    Your Home Maintenance Checklist for September

    The perfect weather of September makes it the ideal time to begin preparing your home for the colder winter months. The list below not only helps maintain your home so you can continue to comfortably live in it, but the list also serves as a great checklist of fall projects to better prepare your home for selling in the Fall months.

    • Organize the garage

    You’ve been wanting to organize the garage for months. Now is a perfect time. You can find all the winter equipment, put away camping equipment, and throw away the broken toys summer may have produced. You’d be surprised at what a difference an organized garage can make in the comfort of your home as well as when you show it to sell.

    • Powerwash or paint your home’s exterior

    To keep your home looking fresh and to maintain that great curb appeal, we recommend taking the early fall months to power wash or repaint the house. Again, the weather is perfect, ensuring a smooth coat of paint or quick power wash.

    • Upgrade or give your furnace a tune up

    There is nothing worse than discovering during the first big snowstorm of the year that your furnace is on the fritz. Prevent that mishap by giving your furnace a tune up in September. Or if it’s an older furnace, consider an upgrade to better heat the house while being energy efficient.

    • Clean the carpets

    This month is the perfect time to remove the popsicle stains and grime that summer always seems to track into the house. Regularly cleaned carpets can help a home stay looking fresh, feel nicer, and even help it sell if that is your goal.

    • Trim the trees

    Now is the ideal time to trim back your trees and bushes for a polished looking yard. Doing so gives the plants plenty of recovery time before big frost hits and ensures fewer mid-winter mishaps such as branches breaking due to heavy snow.

    • Do a Spring clean in the Fall

    Before it gets too cold, air out your home and conduct a deep clean. Get rid of the clothes cluttering your closet, throw away unused toys, and wash the baseboards and windows. The soon-to-be-here gloomy months of winter are a little more bearable with a freshly deep-cleaned home. If you are thinking of selling, we recommend the 3 D’s (Declutter, Deep Clean, and Depersonalize).

    • Plant a fall garden

    Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean your home can’t have major curb appeal with fall foliage. Mums, Ornamental Kale, and other colorful fall options can boost the color in your landscaping and keep your home’s exterior looking lovely.

    • Review the roof

    September is the best time to review the roof. Take a minute to climb up and ensure there are no leaks, to clean the gutters, and to repair any damage before winter hits.

    • Prepare your lawn

    On the cusp of October, consider preparing your lawn for the colder months. Experts recommend raking away any leaves/twigs or moss that may be settling onto your lawn, aerating the soil, and applying an autumn fertilizer.  Doing so will keep your lawn looking great now and prepare it to look amazing into the next year.

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